Just a quick question….

I’m trying and failing to get Ollie back into some kind of bedtime routine, one where we actually sleep, in our own beds, without 3 hours of screaming rage.
Ollie is very very curious, he has endless questions and wants to know the answers right now, “I don’t know” or “lets google it in the morning” is never an acceptable answer as far as he is concerned.
I actually love his curiosity, I just wish he wouldn’t save most of his questions until bedtime.
Tonight I told him he could sleep in my bed (I was desperate for a night-of-no-rage) but only if he understood That I wanted him to sleep and not ask me endless questions in bed. He understood, he wasn’t going to ask me questions in bed….

At 9:55 I gave him his five minute warning for bedtime…
“Id like to ask a quick question before bed mum…
How do you think Polio is getting on, have we eradicated it yet?
Also Why did Bill Gates call microsoft…microsoft? And how do you think he came up with idea for microsoft? Also…which capital city would you choose to live in if you could live anywhere…and tell me your reasons why.”

*bangs head on wall*


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