Easy peasy pizza

I’m trying to do much more home cooking, because its better for us as well as cheaper and also I’m trying to get my fuss pots to branch out and eat different things.
We love pizza so I decided we would make pizza from scratch, we often make our own, but we cheat using either ready makes bases, ready made dough or wraps. The idea of making the pizza dough had never really appealed as I thought it would be such a faff but I found the recipe for the dough while flicking through my recipe books and it actually could not be any easier .
I gathered the kids in the kitchen, they werent keen to be honest but I told them

if you’re eating you’re making

and they soon got stuck in.

The recipe I found served 2-4 so we made three lots, the 3 youngest making one lot each.

All we needed was strong white flour 200g
Easy bake yeast 7g
75ml warm water
A pinch of salt
Cooking oil

To make the dough we put the flour into a mixing bowl, made a hole in the middle of the flour, put the yeast, salt and warm water in the hole and mixed.
We mixed until it was no longer sticky and was starting to form a ball then we sprinkled a little flour on the table (to stop the dough sticking to the table) and kneaded the dough well, Ollie was brilliant at kneading!

We spread a little cooking oil around the inside of 3 bowls and placed the dough into the bowls, then covered them with clean tea towels and left them for 25 minutes.

When they had risen we flattened them out and then the best bit….topped them with some passata and all our favourite toppings, and cooked them in the oven for 8-10 minutes at gas mark 7.

The ingredients (hardly any at all)


My pizza


The bases ended up just right, look at my perfect bottom


When the dough is so very easy to make yourself and its so good to top your pizza exactly how you like it I don’t think I will buy bases or indeed pizza anymore.

There was some dough left which we covered and put in the fridge intending to make small pizzas for lunch the next day but we ended up rolling it into small balls, baking them for around 8 minutes and then rolling them in garlic butter before we ate them for supper that night, dough balls!

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