Noggin : book review

Noggin by John Corey Whaley

The 13 year old got this book for her birthday. She read the blurb to me and asked if I would like to read it and I have to say my first thought was that it didnt sound like my cup of tea.

Well, just a couple of pages in I knew I was going to love this book!

16 year old Travis Coates was dying of cancer, then he wasn’t anymore.
He was offered a chance to be cryogenically frozen until it was possible to bring him back. Nobody knew how long this would be.
Travis wakes after what seems like a short nap with his own head on somebody else’s body, its five years later.
Travis has to go back to school, but his best friend and his girlfriend have grown up and moved on.
Things have changed at home too.

This book is written so well, just a few pages in I already really liked Travis, and really wanted things to go well for him. The narrative style is spot on!
Hatton was also a great character, almost my favourite!

I really enjoyed each of the different relationships in this book, Travis and Hatton, Travis and Kyle, Travis and his parents and the main focus of the book Travis and Cate, Cate has moved on, she loves Travis but has grown up and is engaged.Travis wants to win Cate back. Its such a bittersweet reconciliation.

I found the story incredibly moving, Travis is happy to be back but everyone has moved on,and he doesn’t feel he has anything to be back for.
Can he find a way to reconcile his old life with his new one.

This book was an easy read, and it often made me laugh as well as being very moving.
I give it 4 out of 5 on the planet T great book scale



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