The one where CAMHS are useless…AGAIN

Around 6 months ago at our CAMHS appointment Ollies psychiatrist asked if Ollie wanted to try medication, for his anxiety and also to help with his tics, at first I wasn’t keen to medicate him and Ollie told his psychiatrist that he didnt want medication because he doesn’t need fixing.
At our next appointment 3 months ago we discussed medication again and Ollie was more keen to try because he is going to start at his new school, which will obviously be a very anxious time for him. His psychiatrist agreed because school is a major source of anxiety for Ollie.
The psychiatrist told us to take Ollie for an ECG (routine before the meds are prescribed) and then he would prescribe the meds.
We had the ECG done, I took the results to my gp and asked for them to be forwarded to CAMHS.
I then phoned CAMHS and left a message for the psychiatrist saying Ollie had done the ECG as requested and could he write a prescription ( made more urgent by the fact that he is leaving our CAMHS this week)
Today he called me and told me he was very busy handing over his cases …blah blah blah… I asked if he could write the prescription as promised and he said I would have to wait for an appointment with the new psychiatrist which could be in a few months !? (Also that our CAMHS is moving so we have an hour long journey to get there now, which is great with an anxious autistic child who struggles with travelling) I reminded him that he had said he’d write the prescription after the ECG , He replied that he’s busy and did I really think we needed to bother with medication. Well, mr Psychiatrist it was YOU who was keen for Ollie to try them it was YOU who agreed that medication would be a huge help for Ollie when starting school. As anxiety causes most of Ollies meltdowns at school and when travelling to school I think its clear that we need to bother with medication.
He suggested I increase Ollies melatonin dose , which makes no sense, that doesn’t help his anxiety or his tics it just help him to sleep.

He ended the call by saying I would hear from the new psychiatrist in due course and wishing me luck 😡

So despite the fact that Ollies statement says he needs long term ongoing support from CAMHS once again they have left him without the help he needs.
Over ten years now neither of my boys ever recieved any kind of actual help from CAMHS whatsoever, aside from 3 monthly appointments (rarely attended because going out is a huge problem for them both) where they were weighed and measured CAMHS have done nothing.

Now Ollie wont even get help to deal with the anxiety he faces over starting his new school .

There is no service in the children and adolescent mental health services


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  1. so frustrating. We have huge issues getting support and help too. There are some social programs… but getting mental health help? Ridiculous. And the counselor assigned to us had no idea about ASD– we simply stopped going. So upsetting for everyone.

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