The one where I’m going to try Spatone

I suffer constantly with anaemia, (because of my IBS and psoriatic arthritis) so I have to take iron to keep my levels up, unfortunately I suffer the side effects from the iron tablets *whispers..constipation, cramps and headaches*

I went to brit mums this year and in the goody bag was a sample of Spatone, I went online and checked out reviews of spatone, the reviews were very positive with people talking about there energy levels being increased after just a few days, I decided that I would really like to give this a try , Spatone were kind enough to send me a box, in the apple flavour so I could give it a go.

“Spa tone is a naturally occurring iron rich mineral water , (collected at source from snowdonia) the iron is easily absorbed and gentle on the stomach, and does not result in side effects such at tummy cramps, constipation and headaches.
Its really easy to take as it comes in premeasured sachets”
You can read more about Spatone here

I recently had a blood test and my levels were high (I’ve been taking tablets prescribed by my gp) and luckily ( ha! I say luckily but im petrified of blood tests, i have cold sweats, shaky hands and often pass out, before the needle has even touched me) I’m due another test in a month so i will be able to compare my iron levels.

I have the apple flavour which as well as providing me with my daily amount of iron will provide my daily vitamin C also.

The flavour Is something I have to address ( sorry spatone) i had my first one today and it does taste a lot like licking iron bars , i then poured it into a cup of water thinking it would be easier diluted but It had a taste about it that kind of tasted like drinking blood, from a blue plastic beaker, a lรก a very bad vampire movie, I did may have gagged a few times.
So clearly drinking it straight from the packet will be the way to go, I havent been put off , Im sure hoping that I will become accustomed to the taste .
So I’m going to drink the whole box of 28, not all at once obvs , and I shall keep you posted on my iron levels ( from the blood test) my energy levels, my looking less like a permanently tired pale corpse ( I’m not really rocking that look, can anybody?) and I shall let you know if I get accustomed to the taste.


i dont usually review products but as someone who needs regular iron supplements i was really keen to try and the lovely folk at Spatone made that possible for me.
My actual review after I’ve consumed all 28 sachets will be honest and all in my own words because its my policy to be honest here on planetT


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