Hello, is there anybody there….

Books are my favourite things, family and pets aside of course I read lots of books and Ive wanted to do some reviews on the blog for ages.
Ive found writing reviews quite difficult, I’m not exactly sure why but aside from a few early on in the blog I mostly wrote them then hit delete.
Well, because I love books so much and I love talking about books I’m giving it another go, the trouble is, although I can see people are reading my reviews (thank you, if you are reading) nobody is commenting.
Now, this is not a post begging for views or comments (I feel I must point out the books I review are bought by myself, or given by friends, im doing it purely because Books are the best thing ever )

I have no idea if I’m writing drivel, if I’m getting it right, if I’m writing what people want to know from a review, so id like to ask you a favour please, if you do happen to read any of my review posts drop me a few words in the comments box, (help a fairy get her wings) and let me know what I’m getting right or wrong.

Thank you in advance.
G x


Every time you comment a fairy gets her wings , please help the fairies 😊

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