Fit Friday (8)

This week for fit friday Ive chosen the man with a singing voice like warm honey and he’s not hard to look at either.
I do love Michael BublΓ©!

Enjoy 😊




Do you like a bit of BublΓ©?

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Fit friday (6)

Its friday (friday gotta get down on friday 🎀 🎢)

Which means its time for fit friday again, you get the drill by now, show us your fitties on a friday.

This weeks offering is a bit special, Its the lovely specimens from weeks 1 and 5 together
Enjoy…. Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler .




You are welcome to add your own fit friday to the linky at the bottom of this post…the more the merrier 😊

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Fit friday (5)

Friday is a very important day on my blog , it means its time for Fit Friday.
No trainers or pedometers necessary, you don’t even need to put that biscuit down…oh no, this is the fun kind of fit.
Every week as a reward to getting to Friday I present to you a Friday fitty,
This week I give you Shemar Moore, aka agent Derek Morgan from criminal minds.
Here take a look


Would you like one more?


How about a topless one 😊


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The very best thing about Fit Friday is that as from today im opening it up as a linky , so come and join in show us your Friday Fitty .

Just click on the linky below to add your post !
I cannot wait to see your contributions


its raining men

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The week that was…

Is it just me or are the weeks flying by? I am looking forward to the kids breaking up for summer but before we know it the C word will be creeping up on us.
Last week was a busy one, I started the week absolutely knackered tired from my weekend at brit mums, I enjoyed myself but I did A LOT of walking so my knee has been making me pay for it.
I wrote about my first brit mums live experience here and I got a much better response than I expected.
On Wednesday I had a meeting at Ollies new school, I hate meetings but I called on my new found confidence from brit mums live and the meeting went fantastically well, I wrote about it here.
I made the decision to bin my linkys because they just weren’t working, I must admit I’m a little gutted because I thought they were good ideas but I am enjoying the linkys I already take part in , this is a list of the linkys I love to join in with.
My favourite linky post this week was this one .

After deciding to end my linkys I published my weekly Fit Friday postand due to popular demand I’ve decided to make that into a linky from this coming friday, I’m looking forward to see the posts that are linked up. Fridays are about to get good 😊.
I also hit 1,000 twitter followers this week, so obviously know I’m very important and I tweet in a tiara 😜

My favourite photo of the week was this one taken in the cemetery after Ollie and I had a lovely lunchtime walk .

This week is looking like its going to be a busy one, how was last week for you? What have you got planned for this week?

Fit friday (4)

Its friday again (already) …time for this weeks fit friday! As you will know by now I’m not talking about that kind of fit, you don’t need to put that cake down, I’m talking the fun kind of fit!

This week I give to you my favourite vampire, Damon Salvatore, aka Ian Somerhalder…enjoy!


One just isn’t enough, have another…


Oh go on then, you can have one more !


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If you have any requests for fit friday let me know, i’ll see if I approve and I might just post your fit friday man!

Ive linked this post up with brilliant blog posts because…Well, Ian Somerhalder is a bit brilliant …to look at and watch on tv too of course .

Brilliant blog posts on

Fit Friday (2)

Its friday again, so its time to talk fit , no, I’m not interested in how many steps you’ve walked or how many times you’ve been to the gym, I’m talking about the other kind of fit.

Because we’ve all made it to friday I give to you the gift that is Alex O’Loughlin, AKA Steve in Hawaii Five O (joint best tv show ever)


Whats that ? You want one more …


Go on, have a topless one, it is friday after all…


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