Happiness is….(19)

Happiness is…a good cup of tea.
I’m a big tea drinker, strong with two sugars and skimmed milk please , my absolute favourite is Twinings chai tea, followed closely by Twinings Redbush and Twinings Earl Grey,can you see a theme here?
Recently Ive branched out, I’ve been trying thier fruit teas and flavours such as ginger, ginger and lime, chamomile and honey.
I love them, particularly the Ginger ones.

(Redbush, camomile and maple sensation, ceylon, ginger, camomile and honey, camomile and spiced apple)

This is my current collection (I’m not too sure on the maple sensation one, perhaps it will grow on me). Tomorrow I have two new flavours coming in the shopping, Twinings salted caramel and Twinings gingerbread, I cant wait.
I would suggest you don’t bother trying the liquorice flavour, just trust me on that one.

Are you a tea drinker?
Whats your favourite tea?

I’ve bought all of these myself and I’m blogging about them just because I love them.


Happiness is….JULY 😊 (18)

I stood in the kitchen making my morning cup of tea and it dawned on me
“Its july…its breaking up from school month 😊” the 12 year old ruined my moment a little when she realised “what, its the first of july?” And pinch punched me. ow !
Im glad to see july, as I said its breaking up from school ( and college) month, in 22 days the crack of dawn alarm clock will be switched off until september, there will be no uniforms to iron, no homework, just no school stuff to worry about.
Its also the month that 14 year old will become 15 year old !
The 16 year old has her duke of Edinburgh silver expedition this month and the 12, 15 and 17 year olds will be off to norwich for a week on a church camping trip.
Before all of that Ollie will be beginning his visits to his new school to help him settle ready for september.
I also predict some sunny walks, through the cemetery, along the river, and hopefully a day or two at bishops park.
There is nothing good on tv in july as all my favourite tv series are taking a break so I also bave lots of reading time and plenty of time to watch criminal minds on the iPad ( I started it from the beginning again because I love it.
Its also the month I can upgrade my phone, I’m not enjoying my windows phone so I cant wait to get back to an iPhone, I’m thinking of the iPhone 5c 😊.

welcome to my life july, I think you’re going to be a good month!

Happiness is…Ollie asleep before ten, on melatonin of course , the plan is to end up with him asleep by 9 in the next couple of weeks. I think we are on track for a win
I love that dude, but a million questions ever night until after midnight is too much and he needs to be rested for school.

Three cheers for melatoni, hip hip hooray
Hip hip hooray…hip hip hooray 😊

Happiness is a brilliant weekend attending brit mums live and meeting some of my favourite tweeters face to face. I’ve loved it all, I’m heading home exhausted but happy.
I’d highly recommend Brit mums live 2015 for an excellent weekend.

Happiness is ….a lunch date with Ollie and the 16 year old, Ollie had sausage chips and beans, I had a focaccia (mozzarella, tomato and basil) and the teen had a pizza, after lunch we rode up and then down on the travelator at Asda just for fun, yes, thats how we roll and then we had a nice walk through the cemetery 😊