Word of the week

My word of the week this week is


Three of my lot, the 17, 15 and 12 year olds have been away, they are on a church camping trip from last monday to this sunday and my house has been quiet.
You don’t realise just how much noise they make until they aren’t there (particularly the 12 year old).
It has been nice to have a few less people to wait on hand and foot parent this week but actually the quiet in the house is just too much.
I know and Im very happy that they always have a lot of fun on church trips but I cannot wait until sunday afternoon when the house will be full
Of noise and people calling “muuuuuuum” again.

The Reading Residence

Pick a positive : linky

I started the Pick a positive linky a while back but recently I cut back on blogging and tweeting a bit because…reasons and I hadn’t kept this linky going so when http://adventuresofanunpreparedmother.wordpress.com asked me if she could take the linky over I was more than happy for that to happen. It means I can join in when I can but I have no pressure to run it, this week I’m joining in because I happen to have a few positives, so here goes…
The kids broke up for summer 😊 (we don’t have to think about school for ages)
We found out Ollie needs glasses…he looks awesome in glasses!
Three of the kids are off camping for a week, the girls go tomorrow, the 17 year old went yesterday and whilst I will miss them a lot I know they will have a lot of fun.
We had a lovely sunday dinner together today, if I may say so I do a good roast potato, my mum popped in during dinner and while I washed up she dried the dishes for me (always nice and very rare in my house)
I finished my day with a crusty roll with cheese and a glass of indian summer cider (ginger and cardamom flavour).
We watched Stand by me this evening together, I love that movie!
And my final positive is that Im so happy to see this linky being kept going, I’d love to see you join in 😊

Word of the week

My word this week has to be


It was a long school year, with a horrible beginning, I don’t want to go on about it because its over but autism + Ollies old school = dreadful tells you all you need to know.I have spent much of the year fighting for an asd placement, meetings appointments etc, as well as that the 16 year old took her GCSE exams and then the general hoo ha that comes with having kids in school, the 5:30 alarm, packed lunches, uniforms ( washing them, ironing then, getting them ready) signing notes and forms, its all over school is out for summer, I can relax knowing that Ollie has a placement in an asd unit for september, knowing the 5:30 alarm can be turned off, I dont have to worry about packed lunch or uniforms or anything to do with school.
We can all relax catch up on some sleep, get some sunshine, do stuff together, go to bed too late. We have time we dont have to be anywhere, so we can be wherever we like, there are no meetings, no appointments, just time.
It was a tough school year but we all got through it, now we can breathe and relax

The Reading Residence

Whats the story : (6)

I absolutely love the photo of Ollie, we were at his new school last week for one of his transition afternoons (he has a place in the asd unit) the visit hadn’t started too well but by the end I had been able to leave him in the classroom for a little while, when I can back he had been chatting to a teacher and had built this tower, he looks very very pleased with himself


 photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg

Summer : prose for thought

I do and don’t love summer
The heat is not my cup of tea
I much prefer the autumn
Cardigans with fingers tucked up in the sleeves

But summer brought me babies
Two girls and a boy
So every single summer
Three birthdays for us to enjoy

I love the summer holidays
Six weeks with eachother
Going out or staying in
Time to spend with one another

I love to eat an ice cream
On a blanket in the park
Or throw bedtime out the window
And have the kids up long after dark

Sleeping far to late
Getting up whenever we want
Time for nice long breakfasts
With orange juice and fresh croissants

I love an evening walk
With the dog down the lane
Enjoying the evening sun
Never even minding if it rains

Sleeping reading ice cream
Playing in the water or the sand
Although I prefer autumn
Summer can be grand

Prose for Thought
The Reading Residence