Mixtape Monday (4)

Im linking up with Mixtape Monday again, I always find it difficult to choose my favourite songs because there are just so many songs that I love, but my absolute favourite song ever always stays the same,
In the ghetto, Elvis Presley

Clara Unravelled

Mixtape monday (3)

Ive chosen this song for mixtape monday this week because its my favourite song from a movie, in fact its my favourite song from one of my favourite movies.
Its one of those songs where when it comes on the radio I have to drop everything and sing along, luckily they play it on Magic (my favourite station) quite often.

hungry eyes

Clara Unravelled

Mixtape monday : linky (2)

I’m linking up with Mixtape monday again over at http://www.claraunravelled.co.uk .
As I’ve said before on my blog ( millions of times) I love a bit of kitchen dancing, it just makes everything better.
I listen to Magic fm in the kitchen all the time (yes I know its not the coolest of radio stations, but I love it) I switch it on as soon as walk into the kitchen in the morning and it stays on until I go to bed.
I don’t know what it is about this song but its one of those songs that when It comes on the radio (they play it alot on magic) I just have to hit the volume button up high, and bust some moves (bad ones obvs) , this song never fails to put a smile on my face……

brown eyed girl , by Van Morrison

Clara Unravelled

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Mixtape monday : linky (1)

Ive been looking for a linky to join in with on a monday, I’ve found one that I love, because I love music. Music is necessary, it feeds the soul, it can can your mood at the press of a button, and of course without music there would be no kitchen dancing.

mixtape monday

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Im afraid I’m about to totally show how completely uncool I am. But cool is not my thing anyway.
My girls like camp rock and camp rock 2, I like camp rock I have to “put up” with camp rock quite often. Well there is a song on camp Rock 2 thats really catchy, you know the kind of song that gets stuck in your head.
Zoë has it on her spotify playlist too, as she shares my spotify I accidentally on purpose stumble on it from time to time .
Me and Ollie listen to it in bed sometimes because we he likes the guitar.
Enough with the excuses….I just love this song…its stuck in my head and I don’t mind at all

introducing me,
Nick jonas

Clara Unravelled

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