The week that was…

Is it just me or are the weeks flying by? I am looking forward to the kids breaking up for summer but before we know it the C word will be creeping up on us.
Last week was a busy one, I started the week absolutely knackered tired from my weekend at brit mums, I enjoyed myself but I did A LOT of walking so my knee has been making me pay for it.
I wrote about my first brit mums live experience here and I got a much better response than I expected.
On Wednesday I had a meeting at Ollies new school, I hate meetings but I called on my new found confidence from brit mums live and the meeting went fantastically well, I wrote about it here.
I made the decision to bin my linkys because they just weren’t working, I must admit I’m a little gutted because I thought they were good ideas but I am enjoying the linkys I already take part in , this is a list of the linkys I love to join in with.
My favourite linky post this week was this one .

After deciding to end my linkys I published my weekly Fit Friday postand due to popular demand I’ve decided to make that into a linky from this coming friday, I’m looking forward to see the posts that are linked up. Fridays are about to get good 😊.
I also hit 1,000 twitter followers this week, so obviously know I’m very important and I tweet in a tiara 😜

My favourite photo of the week was this one taken in the cemetery after Ollie and I had a lovely lunchtime walk .

This week is looking like its going to be a busy one, how was last week for you? What have you got planned for this week?


My prime 5 : guilty pleasure tv shows

I don’t actually watch a lot of tv, as you can imagine with 8 of us trying to use the tv whether its to actually watch something (and of course we all like different things) or to use the xbox what to watch takes some careful consideration.
My “tv window” is usually the 9 o clock slot, which luckily is when most of my favourite things are on, there is no point in recording stuff because you never get to watch it.
These are the tv shows i never miss (in no particular order because frankly its like choosing between my children)

criminal minds
I love this show, I’ve watched all 9 seasons and I’m waiting eagerly for season 10. Following the behavioral analysis unit of the FBI every week they are in a different state, catching serial killers. Its often quite grim and gruesome but It amazes me how the writers keep coming up with different cases, it never gets boring. And of course theres Matthew Gray Gublar which makes everything ok.
Ive even started watching the whole thing from the beginning on sky go while I wait for the new season.

Hawaii five O
What can I say, the setting is beautiful, theres drama, shooting, car chases, humour, the banter between Steve and Danno is brilliant.
And of course Steve and Danno 💓

vampire diaries
I’ve read all the books (which are actually quite different to the tv show) and watched every episode. Set in mystic falls the series follows Damon, stefan and Elana (vampires) along with their friends and enemies. There are vampires, witches, werewolves, hybrids and travellers. Lots of blood ( would you believe I’m actually totally squeamish) vampire violence, romance, and of course Ian Somerhalder 💓
Although he was just killed at the end of the current season, I will not be happy if thats the last we see of him.

Chicago fire
Set in Chicago, in a firehouse this series is full of drama, lots of gory accidents (which I usually close my eyes for), action, drama, romance and often humor…also firemen, it stars Taylor Kinney and Jessie spencer. That right there is a good enough reason to watch it.

My other favourites are things I rarely get a chance to watch, Ive fallen behind with them all so they are on my sky go “to be watched list” once I’m done with criminal minds…24 grays anotomy and bones

So, actually thats 7 but I like to give a little extra.
What do you like to watch? Why not join in with the linky.

Tantrums and Glitter

My prime five : things to do in the sunshine

I’m linking up with again for My Prime Five, this time its things to do in the sunshine.
I’ll be honest, this is not the easiest post for me because I’m not a fan of summer, there, I said it! I don’t enjoy the heat atall, I’m an autumn winter kinda girl but although you will never catch me sunbathing, lets face it heat stroke and sun burn is never a good look, I do like to be outdoors and being outdoors is generally easier if the weather’s nice.
So lets see if I can come up with 5.

I like to walk, even with my stiff arthritis riddled legs I really do enjoy a nice long walk , my mum lives by the river and we live by wimbledon common so I love to take the kids and the dog for a walk, if we go along the river we inevitably end up at mcdonalds and if we go to the common we are likely to end up at the windmill…

Which leads me to the second thing…I like ice cream, and I like to eat ice cream outside on a sunny day (in the shade obvs) if we end up at mcdonalds I can enjoy a yummy mcflurry , if we go to the windmill I can eat an equally yummy but massively over priced ice cream.

I like to gather up the kids, a few snacks, and the picnic rug and head to one of our local parks, we are lucky that we live in between four lovely parks.
We sit ourselves in a quiet spot (for Ollie) in the shade (for me) and the kids can left off some steam splashing about in the water, and in the giant sand pits (you’d be surprised that even the bigger ones can enjoy digging around in the sand a bit) whilst they are doing all the fun I can sit and read a book, which is always my favourite thing to do.

Paddling in the sea on a hot day is something I like to do, who doesn’t? Trousers rolled up, flip flops in hand, but I don’t get to a beach nearly often enough , the last time was 2 years ago when I took the kids on holiday to the seaside.

On a really hot day my absolutely favourite thing to do is pull the curtains closed to keep the pesky hot sun out, put the fan on, aimed directly at my face and read a book while also watching Friends all day long and dreaming of cooler times when I can wrap myself up in a cardigan again .

What do you like to do in the sunshine , why not join in the linky?

Tantrums and Glitter