Pick a positive : linky

I started the Pick a positive linky a while back but recently I cut back on blogging and tweeting a bit because…reasons and I hadn’t kept this linky going so when http://adventuresofanunpreparedmother.wordpress.com asked me if she could take the linky over I was more than happy for that to happen. It means I can join in when I can but I have no pressure to run it, this week I’m joining in because I happen to have a few positives, so here goes…
The kids broke up for summer 😊 (we don’t have to think about school for ages)
We found out Ollie needs glasses…he looks awesome in glasses!
Three of the kids are off camping for a week, the girls go tomorrow, the 17 year old went yesterday and whilst I will miss them a lot I know they will have a lot of fun.
We had a lovely sunday dinner together today, if I may say so I do a good roast potato, my mum popped in during dinner and while I washed up she dried the dishes for me (always nice and very rare in my house)
I finished my day with a crusty roll with cheese and a glass of indian summer cider (ginger and cardamom flavour).
We watched Stand by me this evening together, I love that movie!
And my final positive is that Im so happy to see this linky being kept going, I’d love to see you join in 😊


Pick-A-positive linky

Saturday Already, this week flown by. My linky is open again for you to share anything positive from this week , it may just be one thing…maybe lots… And I believe every positive should be celebrated,not just big ones…why not join in and share some positivity.

This week has been a bit tiring if I’m honest, I’m ready for the summer holidays to start, i feel like I’ve not stopped and the crack of dawn alarm clock doesn’t help, but Ive had a few positive things too

I thoroughly enjoyed watching dirty dancing and The breakfast club last weekend

We had another walk through the cemetery laying flowers, I’m really proud of the kids for doing this

I have a date for a meeting at Ollies new school, to discuss the transition.(24th june)

I won post of the week over at the theme game linky this week

I got five new dresses , its been 21 years since I wore a dress, but I’m ready to start wearing them again

I had the loveliest compliment at church yesterday from a lovely lady (with a big hug too)

I had a lovely chat with a friend I haven’t seen for too long , we arranged to get together on monday 😊

The 16 year old did her final gcse , we survived the exam period , and her whole school time in one piece 😊

How was your week?

Pick-a-positive or two : linky …week 2

Its saturday so the pick-a-positive linky is open again.
Its easy to join in, just tell us about something positive thats happened in your week, it could be just one thing, or you might have a whole list.
It doesn’t matter at all how big or small your positive thing is …every positive is worth celebrating!
I’ve found that looking back over the positive things from the week really helps to remind you that even if things seem glum there are positives if you look for them.

Some of my positives this week have been:

My landlord finally sorted out the jungles that were my front and back gardens, it was long overdue, he also finally got rid of the broken cooker and washing machine that were in the garden.

I got my britmums live ticket, I was lucky enough to get one at the early bird price from a lovely tweeter who could no longer attend.

And of course I had a huge wonderful positive thing happen this week. After the panel meeting it was decided that Ollie has a place at the asd unit, close to home, its been a long fight but we won

Also our dvd of The breakfast club arrived in the post, its the first of a long list of eighties movies that the 16 year old and I are going to watch together , 80’s movie nights rock!

How was your week? What positives have you had ?

I just had to add this before I post the linky , we watched the breakfast club and it was AWESOME ,I watched it hundreds of times as a teenager but hadn’t seen it for years, next weekend is Pretty in pink 😊

The linky is just below …

Pick-a-positive or two : linky

This little blog of mine is a week old 😊 and I’m already proud of it.
I found that on my old blog and this one too, blogging about positives, however big or small, was actually really good for focussing my mind on the fact that even if things are overall a little crappy there are always positives.
Its also good to have them written down to look back on.
I really want this new blog of mine to be a positive place so I’m starting a new linky which will be open at weekends, its very simple, just share a positive thing (or 2,3,4……..if you’re lucky enough) from the week.
Write your post, link up and I will share and tweet your posts.
Even one positive is worth celebrating, as the saying goes

everybody’s fed nobody’s dead


Lets share some positivity 😊

My biggest positive from this week is that we went to the British museum, it wasn’t easy to convince Ollie to go but eventually the ear defenders were deployed and out we went.
We enjoyed the museum (although we only saw a very small part of it) , Ollie coped brilliantly and we enjoyed seeing London by bus (we managed to get the upstairs front seats), we also enjoyed lunch from Burger King. It was a grand day out!

The linky is right here