Pick a positive : linky

I started the Pick a positive linky a while back but recently I cut back on blogging and tweeting a bit because…reasons and I hadn’t kept this linky going so when http://adventuresofanunpreparedmother.wordpress.com asked me if she could take the linky over I was more than happy for that to happen. It means I can join in when I can but I have no pressure to run it, this week I’m joining in because I happen to have a few positives, so here goes…
The kids broke up for summer 😊 (we don’t have to think about school for ages)
We found out Ollie needs glasses…he looks awesome in glasses!
Three of the kids are off camping for a week, the girls go tomorrow, the 17 year old went yesterday and whilst I will miss them a lot I know they will have a lot of fun.
We had a lovely sunday dinner together today, if I may say so I do a good roast potato, my mum popped in during dinner and while I washed up she dried the dishes for me (always nice and very rare in my house)
I finished my day with a crusty roll with cheese and a glass of indian summer cider (ginger and cardamom flavour).
We watched Stand by me this evening together, I love that movie!
And my final positive is that Im so happy to see this linky being kept going, I’d love to see you join in 😊


Paper planes

I sat on a wall in the sunny playground of a classroom today and I saw something that filled me with so much happiness. Something wonderful.
I sat and I watched as Ollie stood on the grass with his new teacher and his new classmates and threw paper planes, smiling as he did it.
Before that Ollie had shown his teacher, and then his classmates how to make a proper paper plane, he had stood at a table making planes as boys asked him “Oliver, Oliver make me a plane please.”
Ollie showed them all how to fly the planes properly and they stood in the sunshine together throwing their planes, they laughed, they ran, Ollie too.
My boy was in school, he was smiling, he wasn’t different, he was just a boy throwing paper planes.
And I’m so very proud of him.

Learning : the theme game

Im joining in with the theme game linky again this week, the theme for this week is learning.


I’ve never been a very confident person, I’ve always been the one standing away from the crowd, the one who never knows what to say, the one who would rather stay indoors than have to talk to actual real people. Somewhere along my 39 years what confidence I had vanished.

I had to learn though, become more confident because I had to fight for my boys, the sen system the CAMHS system they are hard work and you have to be prepared to fight to get anywhere, you have to make phone calls, go to meetings, make yourself heard, every small victory along the way helps you to believe in yourself and your confidence more and more .

I was still holding myself back though, For the last 21 years I’ve only worn jeans, with a tshirt or jumper , slightly baggy to hide the muffin top. I’d wake up in the morning chuck my jeans on put my hair in a bobble and repeat every day.

A couple of weeks ago my mum took me shopping, she said she was determined to buy me a dress, in the end we bought 5. Dresses I would never have even looked at.I’m never going to be a fashionista but I’m learning to put more thought into what will look nice . The first time I wore one I got lots of lovely compliments and so I began wearing them often, I wore two of them to britmums live, at the same time I also left my hair down for the first time in forever and I felt much more confident than I would have in an old pair of jeans.

I wore a dress to a meeting last week, left my hair down and again recieved lots of compliments, and felt much more confident than I usually would, every compliment makes you believe in yourself a little more. At first I was very conscious that wearing a dress shows your shape much more than hiding behind jeans and a tshirt but I’m learning to accept that while my body, especially my tummy will never be perfect , its perfectly fine .

I’m learning to fuss more about myself, you have to shave your legs, often if you’re wearing dresses, and a little bit of gradual tanning lotion is good. You need to actually bother to condition your hair and keep it brushed and tidy if you’re keeping it down.

My comfortable but battered old trainers are no good with dresses so I’m having to get used to pumps and flip flops, ( flip flops mean you have to keep your toes pretty and your nails painted) .

Now that I’m caring more about how I look I’m being more sensible about what I eat, no more chocolate, especially not in bed, I’m not dieting but I’m putting more thought into it , and I’m feeling better for it

I’m putting my phone down earlier and getting more sleep, getting up earlier to enjoy a quiet tea before the morning madness begins.

All of this is making me feel more confident, happier with who I am, I’m learning that I have to care for myself as much as I care for everybody else, I’m learning to do things with more confidence, more belief in myself.

Its amazing what a few small changes can do, after 39 years im learning to be comfortable and confident with who I am

I was even looking at dresses in asda today

The Reading Residence

Happiness is….JULY 😊 (18)

I stood in the kitchen making my morning cup of tea and it dawned on me
“Its july…its breaking up from school month 😊” the 12 year old ruined my moment a little when she realised “what, its the first of july?” And pinch punched me. ow !
Im glad to see july, as I said its breaking up from school ( and college) month, in 22 days the crack of dawn alarm clock will be switched off until september, there will be no uniforms to iron, no homework, just no school stuff to worry about.
Its also the month that 14 year old will become 15 year old !
The 16 year old has her duke of Edinburgh silver expedition this month and the 12, 15 and 17 year olds will be off to norwich for a week on a church camping trip.
Before all of that Ollie will be beginning his visits to his new school to help him settle ready for september.
I also predict some sunny walks, through the cemetery, along the river, and hopefully a day or two at bishops park.
There is nothing good on tv in july as all my favourite tv series are taking a break so I also bave lots of reading time and plenty of time to watch criminal minds on the iPad ( I started it from the beginning again because I love it.
Its also the month I can upgrade my phone, I’m not enjoying my windows phone so I cant wait to get back to an iPhone, I’m thinking of the iPhone 5c 😊.

welcome to my life july, I think you’re going to be a good month!

I have a meeting today at Olivers new school, ( it still feels weird saying that) its a TAF meeting where we will be talking about how and when to settle Ollie into school. I woke up this morning with the usual feeling I get when I have a meeting, I hate walking into a room with maybe six or seven people and having to actually speak and stuff, it makes me nervous and very uncomfortable.
But then it dawned on me that at the weekend I went to brit mums live, I walked into a venue with 700 people on my own, spoke to people and I enjoyed it! I can do it.
So I’m going to wear my “brit mums” outfit, the one I wore on friday, the one I was confident enough in that I even wore my plastic tiara all the way home on the tube.
Wish me luck 😊

Brilliant blog posts on HonestMum.com

Pick-A-positive linky

Saturday Already, this week flown by. My linky is open again for you to share anything positive from this week , it may just be one thing…maybe lots… And I believe every positive should be celebrated,not just big ones…why not join in and share some positivity.

This week has been a bit tiring if I’m honest, I’m ready for the summer holidays to start, i feel like I’ve not stopped and the crack of dawn alarm clock doesn’t help, but Ive had a few positive things too

I thoroughly enjoyed watching dirty dancing and The breakfast club last weekend

We had another walk through the cemetery laying flowers, I’m really proud of the kids for doing this

I have a date for a meeting at Ollies new school, to discuss the transition.(24th june)

I won post of the week over at the theme game linky this week

I got five new dresses , its been 21 years since I wore a dress, but I’m ready to start wearing them again

I had the loveliest compliment at church yesterday from a lovely lady (with a big hug too)

I had a lovely chat with a friend I haven’t seen for too long , we arranged to get together on monday 😊

The 16 year old did her final gcse , we survived the exam period , and her whole school time in one piece 😊

How was your week?

The week that was…

This week was an emotional one as you may know from previous posts.
The panels decision on Ollies school placement was the best news we’ve had in a very long time. But it was nerve wracking waiting for the decision.
Ive really been enjoying blogging this week, I joined in with quite a few linkys. The theme game and the prompt were two I just discovered this week, you can see my posts here and here they are both great linkys and well worth taking a look at.
I joined in with word of the week again here, another linky I really enjoy.
Some lovely blogs have joined in with my pick a positive linky so far this week , I love reading the positive posts.
My favourite post this week was my Fit Friday post go on take another look .

Apart from the usual weekend arguments discussions about the kids actually doing something helpful its been a lovely weekend , We watched The Breakfast Club, which although I watched often as a teen I hadn’t seen for a very long time, its now reclaimed its spot as my favourite ever movie, this morning we had a lovely walk through the cemetery, theres a lovely photo here and then we watched Dirty Dancing on dvd who doesn’t love dirty dancing , right ?
The music…and of course Patrick Swayze.
I did have a little rant about the sexism I saw in McDonalds though that post is here

I’m continually amazed by all the lovely comments I’m receiving on the blog, hopefully by joining in with linkys such as The prompt and the theme game which really inspire you to write I will get better and better at this blogging thing.
I really do like to write! Who knew?

Its been a good week, hopefully this coming week I will hear more about Ollie starting school so I can start preparing him and Im looking forward to continuing 80’s movie nights with Pretty in Pink next weekend.

How was your week?
What plans do you have for the coming week?