I’d like to thank you…and you…and you

I feel like I’ve won something , well, I have, I’ve won the fight ( so far) Ive beaten the system , and so I feel that I must make an acceptance speech, its like being at the oscars or something, right?
The last couple of years have been hard, although hard doesnt seem like a big enough word to describe it, its been long and stressful, its brought me to my knees, I feel like I’ve given everything I had, I’m exhausted, drained, empty, I lost hope so many times, I didn’t know where to find the strength to keep fighting. At times I’ve felt alone, helpless, lost, but I did it.
I did it for Ollie and today, the best day ever, I won we won!
After an eleventh hour dash to see one more asd unit and a call to the panel during the panel meeting, Ollie got a place at an asd unit just ten minutes away by bus, the one I visited this morning,in a lovely school. Its everything I hoped for, wanted, needed.
The thing thats kept me going, kept me from giving up, kept me believing I can do it has been the support that I’ve had. Mostly from twitter, who says twitter friends aren’t real?
Every single day, without fail, twitter has been there with advice, support, kind words, sympathy, cheering me on, lifting me up, people actually taking the time to care, to ask, to be on my team, Ollies team. People that cried happy tears for us today.
Im so excited and so happy that I will be lucky enough to meet some of my twitter friends at Brit mums live this month.
To all of my twitter friends, who I genuinely do consider to be real friends, I thank you and I salute you ( sidenote : to all those who don’t “get” twitter, you’re missing out)”
The support I’ve had through my blog has also been incredible, the advice, the kind words, to get messages from readers telling you that you’ve actually moved them to tears , either happy or sad is incredible.
My friends on facebook, those that stuck with me, old friends and real life friends on facebook, the ones that have been there for me through all of this, the ones that have taken the time to ask, to care, I thank you .
I didn’t give up and you all didn’t give up on me.

Also, anyone who is fighting for their child, fighting for diagnosis, for a school place don’t give up even on the darkest days, the days where hope seems lost and you feel you cant carry on …carry on , fight, take on the system , give it everything you have , because you can do it, you can ! trust me , you can!

I know that there are more hurdles to get over, there always will be , to start with I have to actually get Ollie through the doors of the school, but I know I can do it and I know I don’t have to do it alone.

thankyou , every single one of you