The prompt: tv, could you live without it?

Im joining in with The Prompt again this week, the prompt this time is “tv, could you live without it?

For me the answer to this is simple.
I don’t actually watch much tv , I have the 9 o clock window for using the tv but even then the only programmes I always watch are criminal minds, vampire diaries, hawaii five o and chicago fire.
I don’t enjoy the morning news programmes such as good morning Britain, as they seem to be filled more with useless fluff than actual news, daytime tv is dreadful, from Jeremy Kyle (who actually watches that rubbish?) to loose women and 60 minute makeover its all just pointless guff and not even entertaining, I’ve even gone off of the soaps, I was a fan of eastenders and corrie but the storylines become increasingly less believable and actually quite ridiculous and Eastenders is on the whole pretty depressing stuff.
Im totally over reality shows, I haven’t seen big brother for two years, Ive given up on britans got talent and xfactor has frankly lost whatever it was that made it such good viewing when it began, the judges are completely insincere, and the voting public have begun to make a mockery of the voting on these shows. The controversial shows such as benefit street (is that what its called) are just propaganda made to look certain groups of people look bad so they just make me angry.
So apart from the aforementioned 4 shows which I love, Tv is just not for me.
I would rather spend an evening playing a game with the kids, we like yahtzee, frustration, black peter, game of life and monopoly, i think its important to play games together as a family and it helps kids to learn about playing fair, being a gracious winner and accepting losing .
My other great love is reading, I just love escaping into the world of a book , i would always choose reading time over tv time, and my other love is writing, I’m no writer, when I say writing I mean blogging, but I enjoy it, for me its fun, its a hobby. Its amazing how much you can achieve…family time playing games, reading, writing when you switch off the tv.

so, could I live without tv?
As long as I can sneakily keep up with criminal minds, vampire diaries, chicago fire and hawaii five O On the iPad 😊 ,


The week that was…

This week was an emotional one as you may know from previous posts.
The panels decision on Ollies school placement was the best news we’ve had in a very long time. But it was nerve wracking waiting for the decision.
Ive really been enjoying blogging this week, I joined in with quite a few linkys. The theme game and the prompt were two I just discovered this week, you can see my posts here and here they are both great linkys and well worth taking a look at.
I joined in with word of the week again here, another linky I really enjoy.
Some lovely blogs have joined in with my pick a positive linky so far this week , I love reading the positive posts.
My favourite post this week was my Fit Friday post go on take another look .

Apart from the usual weekend arguments discussions about the kids actually doing something helpful its been a lovely weekend , We watched The Breakfast Club, which although I watched often as a teen I hadn’t seen for a very long time, its now reclaimed its spot as my favourite ever movie, this morning we had a lovely walk through the cemetery, theres a lovely photo here and then we watched Dirty Dancing on dvd who doesn’t love dirty dancing , right ?
The music…and of course Patrick Swayze.
I did have a little rant about the sexism I saw in McDonalds though that post is here

I’m continually amazed by all the lovely comments I’m receiving on the blog, hopefully by joining in with linkys such as The prompt and the theme game which really inspire you to write I will get better and better at this blogging thing.
I really do like to write! Who knew?

Its been a good week, hopefully this coming week I will hear more about Ollie starting school so I can start preparing him and Im looking forward to continuing 80’s movie nights with Pretty in Pink next weekend.

How was your week?
What plans do you have for the coming week?

The prompt: my favourite smell…

This week I’m joining in with The Prompt, a lovely linky I found over at
This week the prompt is

my favourite smell…

There are quite a few smells I love, and I think they are all what most people would consider slightly odd.I love the smell of coffee, though I cant stand the taste, I love the smell of a shoe repair shop, trust me they smell great, paint, sharpie pens, I also love the smell of petrol, and probably the strangest one is the smell of tarmac, when a new road is being laid. I could stand by a new road and inhale for hours.
The smell I love the most though, the one that really means something to me is the smell of Twinings earl grey.
Whenever I smell it I’m taken back to my Nan’s kitchen in Norway, where we spent so much time growing up, (not just in the kitchen) I can picture my nan making us a fresh brew, while also whipping up a cake or some fresh pancakes, there was so much cake at my Nan’s house, I can picture my Grandad sitting at the little table by the window with his hearing aid turned right up so he could hear the radio. They were happy times, good family times, whenever I make a cup of earl grey I just stop for a moment, inhale and let myself go back to my Nan’s kitchen.