Word of the week.

Im linking up with http://www.thereadingresidence.com/Again for Word of the week.My word this week is


It has been a well and truly emotional week, Its cliche but it really has been a rollercoaster, I began the week full of nerves as Ollies case was due to go to panel on wednesday , on tuesday night I was completely overwhelmed with my emotions, I worried myself sick, then on wednesday morning I had a last minute visit to an ASD unit which I loved, when I phoned to ask the panel to consider it I was too late the panel was already meeting, could someone relay my message in time?
Cue my emotions being all over the place again.
Half an hour later I received the phonecall telling me Ollie had the placement I wanted. I cried on the phone ( with relief and happiness) I cried happy tears when I told the kids and my mum, when I told Ollie I couldn’t stop crying, we laughed and cried together. I cried more tears of happiness when the lovely messages from facebook and twitter started rolling in.
Yesterday I was hit by a whole new wave of emotions, I wrote about them here , suffocating, imploding emotions, but of course the main emotions right now are those of relief and happiness that Ollie has a place at a school where I know he will be understood.

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The week that was half term.

I won’t lie half term zaps every last bit of
Patience from me, its noisy, messy and often bloody hard work, but I chose to enjoy as much as I could, your children are only children once after all .

Here are some things we did.

*two walks along the river by mums house , one towards mcdonalds , the other towards battersea park, this way is a more interesting walk , also this was where we met big!

A day up London, to see the british museum, we also loved all the sights along the way on the bus ride .

We went on the bus to krispy kreme for donuts.

And today we went to the local cemetery, Ollie finds cemeteries fascinating , so the kids and I bought flowers, opened up the bunch and laid flowers on graves that were very old or didn’t look like they got any flowers I’m so proud they spent their sunday morning that way, and they want to do it next week too

Five trips out in a week are very rare for Ollie so I’m totally proud !

I went to the cinema twice, once with the 16 year old which I blogged about here and once with the 12 and 14 year olds which I blogged about here .

We also watched frozen (again) which I enjoyed more the second time around.

Also during half term the 16 year old was up and out early every day (in the midst of doing her gcses, doing a course where she passed level one football coaching 😊 .

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Overall its been a good week, now yo get the house back in order and catch up on some naps, have a good week !

Word of the week

I’m linking up with http://www.thereadingresidence.com/ again with my word of the week .
This week my word is


Connected: united, joined or linked. Having a connection: Joined together in sequence.
In our house we often seem like 8 people just bumping into eachother here and there while we all try to get on with what we need to do, some days I feel I hardly get a moment with the kids, but this week has been half term, everyone has been home, we’ve eaten together, watched tv together, had time to be together, I’ve been to the cinema with the two youngest girls, and with the eldest girl, we’ve been out for some walks (ollie included) , we’ve been to krispy kreme to stuff our faces together.
The 17 year old even came to asda and helped me with the big weekly shop, that never happens.
I’ve also had time to relax, not worry about who needs to be where and I’ve given myself a few days off of worrying about emails, SEN panels, I haven’t been doing a headless chicken act this week so I feel I’ve been able to reconnect with myself (if that makes any sense)

connected, its a good way to feel 😊

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Word of the week

Im linking up with word of the week over at http://www.thereadingresidence.com/

My word of the week is an easy one


This weeks lots of positive steps have happened towards getting Ollie (9) a placement in an ASD unit, after a long struggle things are moving forward.

Im feeling much more positive about life right now.

Ive also just started a brand new blog (this one) as I felt i’d lost direction on my old one (mumblingsontheverge) so I’m feeling positive about a fresh start .

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