Mother mother : book review

This book is the story of a completely dysfunctional family, Josephine, the mother-a narcissistic liar, has manipulated and moulded everyone in her family into who she wants them to be.
Douglas the father is an alcoholic, oblivious (until now) to what has been going on in his family, Rose , the eldest child was going to be an actress, but she disappeared a year ago.
Then we have William, William has autism and epilepsy, or does he? He is homeschooled and completely devout to his mother and Then Violet, the bad one in the family.
When Violet finds herself in a mental hospital after allegedly hurting William the family secrets begin to unravel.
The story is told from two points of view, Violets and Williams, which I enjoyed because their points so view are so completely different.

I found this book quite slow and predictable, but their was a real darkness to the story and I actually found the relationship between Will and his mother quite disturbing. I was intrigued enough to read to the end.

Im glad I read Mother, mother, it was better than I expected after some of the reviews I had read but It certainly didn’t blow me away.
I give Mother, mother 3 and a half out of 5 on the planet T great book scale.
👍👍👍1/2 .
Read it, but don’t buy it. (borrow it from a friend or the library, dont steal it obvs 😊)



Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe

This book is set in El Paso, texas in 1987, the main characters are two fifteen year old boys, Aristotle and Dante, its a coming of age story, a story about secrets within families, a story of friendship and of love, but also a story of two boys each coming to terms with their sexuality in their own ways.

Aristotle is an angry loner, with a brother in prison and a father who is very distant, whilst Dante is a happy teenager who loves drawing and reading and is very close to his patents.
The boys meet at the swimming pool when Dante offers to teach Aristotle how to swim, from there a beautiful, awkward, and sometimes painful to read relationship develops.

The book is written very simplistically (I felt) and is often very dialogue heavy, but its warm, touching and as I mentioned often painful and sad.

The end of the book held no great surprise for me but I was rooting for the ending that I got anyway.

Over the course of the story the boys turn from boys to men and I felt that was reflected so well in the naration – the story is told by Aristotle.

I enjoyed this book so much, my only criticism would be with the way that both sets of parents in the book were so absolutely unquestionably accepting of their sons sexuality. Perhaps it would have been good explore what might have happened if one set of parents hadn’t been so immediately accepting .
As this was my only real gripe about the book I give it 4 out of 5 on the Planet T great book scale 👍👍👍👍


Noggin : book review

Noggin by John Corey Whaley

The 13 year old got this book for her birthday. She read the blurb to me and asked if I would like to read it and I have to say my first thought was that it didnt sound like my cup of tea.

Well, just a couple of pages in I knew I was going to love this book!

16 year old Travis Coates was dying of cancer, then he wasn’t anymore.
He was offered a chance to be cryogenically frozen until it was possible to bring him back. Nobody knew how long this would be.
Travis wakes after what seems like a short nap with his own head on somebody else’s body, its five years later.
Travis has to go back to school, but his best friend and his girlfriend have grown up and moved on.
Things have changed at home too.

This book is written so well, just a few pages in I already really liked Travis, and really wanted things to go well for him. The narrative style is spot on!
Hatton was also a great character, almost my favourite!

I really enjoyed each of the different relationships in this book, Travis and Hatton, Travis and Kyle, Travis and his parents and the main focus of the book Travis and Cate, Cate has moved on, she loves Travis but has grown up and is engaged.Travis wants to win Cate back. Its such a bittersweet reconciliation.

I found the story incredibly moving, Travis is happy to be back but everyone has moved on,and he doesn’t feel he has anything to be back for.
Can he find a way to reconcile his old life with his new one.

This book was an easy read, and it often made me laugh as well as being very moving.
I give it 4 out of 5 on the planet T great book scale


Picture perfect : book review


This weekend I read Picture Perfect, by Holly Smale I had read the first two books in the series, Geek girl and Model misfit, and lately Ive been having a bit of a reading block, struggling to enjoy a book, but I just knew that Picture perfect would be the book to unblock my love of reading .

In book one, Harriet Manners, total geek accidentally becomes an international model (which was unfortunately her best friends dream).

In book two Harriets life is about to change again, her dad and stepmum have a baby on the way and Harriet ends up in Tokyo modelling where she meets with one disaster after another .

In picture perfect , book 3 Harriet is about to turn 16 and also about to start 6th form , she has planned everything, but it all changes when her parents announce they are moving to new york, Harriet has to leave her familiar life behind including her best friend, her stalker and her dog, will she make friends in new york, will she fall back into the modelling business and most importantly what will happen between her and Nick? They are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend but Does Harriet push their relationship too far?

These books are just brilliant , Harriet knows a lot of facts and I find the random facts throughout the books really interesting, the books are also very funny.
By the last third of book 3 I was ooohing , aaahing , oh-no-ing and laughing with every turn of the page.

They are young adult books but I can testify to the fact that whether you are 39 like me or 12 like my daughter who also read the whole book this weekend you will enjoy this book , if you enjoy drama, romance, an adventure and a very funny read.

Now the 12 year old and I are desperately hoping we haven’t heard the last of Harriet Manners .